Author Topic: Raven knows what it's doing!  (Read 1253 times)


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Raven knows what it's doing!
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Re: Raven knows what it's doing!
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Ha,, pretty good stuff, smart bird for sure.

Back in the day when I was building leases and logging we lost quite a few lunches to Ravens. It wasn't un common for them to land right in a running dozer and grab your lunch.We watched a Raven make a nasty crack in the windshield of a crew truck one day. One of the guys left an orange up on the dash of the truck, that darn bird sat on the hood of the truck and just sat there like a wood pecker whacking away at the windshield. By the time we noticed and spooked it off it had a nasty crack going. I am sure within a couple minutes it would have made a hole right through the glass. Many a slasher lost his lunch bag to them birds.. I love em myself, they are a true emblem of the north. When I am out in the woods and the Ravens are squawking and flying overhead I know I am at home..

except when you are calling moose and they are flying around yakking,, that gets old fast. I learned quite few years ago, if you kill a moose and plan on calling in the same spot again you best not gut the animal in  that spot cause its a racket for a few days.

Thx Tuc,, cool video enjoyed it.


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Re: Raven knows what it's doing!
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Eagle got outsmarted. Love it.


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Re: Raven knows what it's doing!
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That bird fishes better than I do!  LOL