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  PRUSSIAN CARP and Alberta Aquaculture!

   I don't know if the mainstay of active members on here
     have noticed that Alberta has a large population of people's
    not born in Canada ...
      These Carp were raised and sown into suitable bodies of water
        To be harvested later and on a on going time .
         It's done all the time in say Vietnam..
         The Alberta Government s take on it ,is that it's only in
        One place and eggs stuck to a birds ass is how they get
         planted in other bodies of water ....
          There are asses involved but they are all sitting at desks
           In Lethbridge .
           The concept of Sport Angling is totally foreign to these people
           Fish are for eating   Case closed .
            Firstly ......every sport angler should carry a Square throw net .
              Tons of you tube videos on how these work...
              Because they school hard , this is the perfect way to get these out
               I'm assured by my buddy Papang de Alesandro they are delicious .
                In my Walleye is king mind , if you think Burbot , Suckers , Whitefish
                are table fare ,then this thrash is right in your wheelhouse.
                If you don't have any in your area , it's not if its when you see them ,
                I'm sure our resident Doctor knows plenty . You know who knows SFA
                 Alberta Government Fish Biologist .
                 I have seen them , scaled , then worked and  eaten whole .....yum !
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