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Slab Rap
« on: December 30, 2018, 06:39:50 PM »
This was the rest of that day when the JawJacker was out of the water.  Was Kind of a struggle.

Well when I was the other week I thought I'd toss down a new presentation for trout.  The 1.5 inch perch colored Rapala Slab Rap.  This is a very active presentation.  It has a great wobble on the upstroke and a nice moderate drop on a slide.  This really seems to attract some aggressive strikes from the trout even without the use of bait.  The only issue was I think without bait they slash at the body of the lure and were missing the hooks.  Or at least I was missing them on the hookset.  I did manage to land a few one it during this slow day.  It really seemed to attract their attention and trigger aggression bites.  My dad used this same lure a couple days later all day long.  You will see that in another video to be released next and he caught fish on it very well that day.  The last few fish are also caught with another aggressive presentation that commonly graces the end of my line, the 1/8th ounce slender spoon.  Both lures attract a lot of attention from wide and far.  Sometimes when the fish are in an off mood and spread out, these will focus their attention to come in and put their mouth where it doesn't belong.  If you're tire of bait and wait techniques definitely check out these flashy presentations next time you're on the ice! 

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