Author Topic: How to communicate when you have no cellular coverage?  (Read 685 times)


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How to communicate when you have no cellular coverage?
« on: June 23, 2017, 03:56:19 PM »
My name is Randolf. I represent a team of Canadian engineers who happen to be outdoor lovers and used to work in Motorola, Honeywell, and the satellite industry. Dangerous situations we each experienced in the wilderness brought us together, and we came to realize that there is a serious need for better off-grind communication.

Walkie-talkies are what we commonly use when there is no cell coverage. However they have no GPS. In case of an emergency, we cannot find the exact location. Satellite communication, such as DeLorme inReach, seems ideal, except that they are quite expensive, and further charge usage fees. Besides, both options are pretty heavy and bulky that we have to make a painful trade-off between safety and portability.

We feel extremely astonishing that we have to rely on some technologies of half a century ago like walkie-talkie and satellite communication, while nowadays’ technology can do far better. Based on the latest Internet of Things tech, we have invented Sonnet. It combines satellite communication’ functionality with walkies-talkies’ affordability, in addition to being more portable. Without relying on cell towers, Sonnet powers up to 10km communication to:
- send text and voice messages (privately or in a group);
- send image data, and files;
- share, mark and track GPS locations;
- increases the effective range by relaying data through other users in the area;

We sell Sonnet at $89 per pair. And there is no subscription or usage fee.


When there is no coverage, Sonnet allows us to always communicate with each other no matter how harsh the conditions are. This can literally save our lives in case of an emergency. Multimedia and GPS can also improve our communication accuracy, and take group coordination to the next level.

Furthermore, our mesh-networking function aims to facilitate the formation of open, decentralized mobile communication networks that are robust and free of charge, owned by people themselves.

We have completed working prototypes, and we wish to offer outdoor enthusiasts the lowest possible price. But to do so, there is a threshold volume we cannot afford on our own. This is why we have launched a Kickstarter campaign, and we wish you can help us to make the change happen.

We would be very grateful for any feedback you guys might have!

Thanks for viewing,
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