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Good Read Lol.
« on: January 06, 2014, 04:13:32 PM »


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Re: Good Read Lol.
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Yup, it's the new religion and that article points to, "an inconvenient truth  ;) ).   Apparently they never bothered to learn of Ernest Shackelton, eh?

Like Barnum said.............
Let's see, it was:  ice age, then volcano's, then we were going to run out of oil, y2k, nibero or whatever, a poorly etched calander, and now it's global warming, er, climate change.  I know I missed a couple, and that's just in the last 25 yrs or so.  I guess that makes me a heretic of the new religion.

The sad part is in a rabid attempt to be pc and popular and get re-elected all of our elected officials back this garbage which, I couldn't give a damn, except then they pass all sorts of ludicrous laws based on these mindless trends.  (I don't believe for a second the majority of our elected officials buy any of this crap, which makes it all the more pathetic)

Psst...anyone wanna buy a 100 watt? 


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Re: Good Read Lol.
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Psst...anyone wanna buy a 100 watt?

Ha ha, no.  I have enough left until the hole in the ozone layer from our Freon use kills us all....... ;)
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Re: Good Read Lol.
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Wanted: solid frozen lake that has not being exposed to global warming crappola.... :o
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