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Hi, my name is Dewey, often called "Kutenay" and I found this site on HuntingBC, a few days ago. I am happy to see some of the good guys from the other Alberta site here and some from HBC, as well. I hope to see this site flourish and all of us have a good time.

As to my background, extreme gunnut for almost 60 years, large collection, mostly into highend bolt big game rifles and Germanic combo guns and I like good revolvers as well as fine double guns. Many years working in remote wilderness, often solo and for the Canadian, BC and Albertan governments in the CCG and forest services. My politics are VERY Conservative, traditional Canadian nationalist-nativist and I am bloody proud of my pioneer ancestors and the many veterans in my family; I believe in and love Canada and am not too "cool" to be ashamed to say so!

Looking forward to what I can learn here and hope to contribute what little bush, gun and gear knowledge I have. Cheers!


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Re: Hi!
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Re: Hi!
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Howdy , Kute!
You have mail, BTW! ;D
Well, now, that didn't work so good......


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Re: Hi!
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Welcome Dewey.


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Re: Hi!
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won't be long


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Re: Hi!
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Welcome Dewd!